Dylan’s Wedding

October 21st, 2012 | Escapes, Photos

I guess it started a couple of years ago for me, but man have the weddings begun! After a steam punk wedding in September, Audrey and I went out to California for my long time friend’s wedding. I’ve known Dylan since kindergarten, so going to his wedding was a pretty cool experience. Best of all, it took place in Carmel, which gave Audrey and I a few days to fool around in Big Sur!

The first night we drove down into Big Sur to spend the night in a treehouse. We originally were going to be staying in a yurt, but they were booked up, so the treehouse was our place for the night. It had electricity, running water, and that awesome gangway bridge.

They had a really nice restaurant with all this local organic food. Then that happened. Apparently the fly population increases when the kelp season is on.

They had a campground adjacent to the yurt resort. This was a permanent tent… sort of a mini yurt almost.

This accommodation is called the nest. Two people fit in it and bring your own sleeping bags.

We drove up the coast a little to do some hiking and found a great trail with a nice ravine.

This tree had a burnt out center. We were stumped on how it happened. -_-

Then we got back in the car and drove up to Pfieffer Beach and found this really cool little alcove. The beach was pretty busy, but this spot was totally empty.

Audrey hanging out by some of their purple sand.

There were some cool arches here. It was a bad place to swim though as the riptide is exceptionally strong there.

This is the next day in Carmel, where we walked down the beach before the wedding.

This is a Frank Lloyd Wright house, which is privately owned so we didn’t get too close.

Audrey looking for small oceanic creatures.

Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of the actual wedding. But, it was at Holman Ranch, which is a great place in Carmel Valley. Overall it was another great weekend in our home state!

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