The Year So Far

September 15th, 2012 | Activities, Escapes

This has been a big year! I got married and turned 30, all within the span of 14 days this summer. Both went really well.



The wedding happened on June 30th in South Lake Tahoe at Zephyr Cove. We had a little more than 100 people and rented out a block of cabins for many of the guests. It was a whole weekend deal with a family dinner on Thursday night at the main cabin, then most of the guests came on Friday night to the BBQ.

The wedding was on Saturday and it was pretty much perfect! Audrey and I are admittedly a little goofy, so seeing her veil get caught on a tree when she was walking toward the wedding site was almost as good as when I accidentally kissed her during our vowed. Oh man what a bunch of newbs :P

But, the whole day (and weekend) went really well. Ever since then, I’ve been telling people it couldn’t have gone better and I mean it. Gorgeous weather, perfect guests, fantastic bride! Audrey and I really wanted to have the weekend be not so much about us, but a celebration of all the guests. Them having a good time was the most important thing to us, and it seems like we succeeded!


With the wedding less than two weeks before my birthday, Audrey and I laid pretty low for the big birthday. Since we’ve been living in Manhattan, we’ve been using my Starwood AMEX to pay our rent, which means tons and tons of points are accumulated every month. I decided a good thing to spend them on was a night at the W Union Square, which wound up not being too amazing, but was still a fun thing to do for a night.

But, we went to the Gramercy Tavern for dinner and that was amazing. Really great food and the beer was spectacular as well. I was drawn there because Brooklyn Brewery had a very special beer there on tap: Export Gold Standard. It was quite tasty and they had lots of other great beers on tap, several of which we sampled.

It was a fun, low key night and it’s definitely been a summer to remember.

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