Canadian Road Trip – Montreal

July 1st, 2010 | Activities, Culture, Escapes, Food, Uncategorized

After a night of camping midway between Quebec City and Montreal, we hit the road with our sights set on our room at the W in Montreal. We were ready to see what the city had to offer, but didn’t really know what to expect, despite having a Frommer’s. Basically we wanted to do some pub crawling and eating, so that’s what we did.

Pastrami at Schwartz’s, which they say is better than Katz’s in NYC. It was definitely good and probably on-par with Katz’s. The pickles were not, however.

We asked the man slicing up the stacks of meat to take our picture. My camera has never been the same.

This place goes through some smoked meat.

Time to walk off the meatfest.

Let’s go for the lime! Audrey was relearning her high school French the whole trip.

The big cathedral in Montreal. For some reason its name is slipping my mind…

BIXI was our preferred method of transportation. Imagine the offspring of a taxi and bicycle and you’ll get the idea.

This place apparently had better bagels than anywhere in NYC. Can you sense an inferiority complex trend here in Quebec? :)

Audrey in the park on Mont Royale.

The Olympic Stadium. It’s sort of been decaying since it was used in the 70′s, but it still pretty awesome to look at.

Me standing and looking small.

Back to the US! Nothing like a border patrol officer giving you a hard time when you come back to your country!

We stopped by Lake George on the way home. Walking around made us really want to go back there for a weekend trip sometime this summer.

Audrey on the lake and by a duck.

Matt on the lake and also by a duck.

So that’s it for Canada! It was a blast, from the driving, to the food, to the sights. It was also really cool to experience French Canadian culture and have everyone be so kind to us. I’ll definitely make less jokes at the expense of Canadians now that I’ve experienced how it’s actually a really great place!

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