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June 27th, 2010 | Activities, Culture, Escapes, Food

Last month Audrey and I took a much needed vacation. We’ve been trying to go to as many places in and around the northeast as we can and the next on our list was Canada!

I’ve wanted to drive to Montreal and Quebec City since we first moved here. I’d heard so much about Quebec City and how it’s like a European City in North America. It just seemed like a cool place and something I wanted to see.

We planned a 6 day trip, booked our hotels/campsites, and hopped into our rental car for the great north! Here are some pics from the journey to Quebec City, which was our first city to explore.

Moreau Lake, which was where we stopped the first night to do a little camping. In retrospect, camping a couple of the nights was an adventure, but we weren’t too well prepared. Oh, this is still in New York state.

Nice drive through upstate New York.

With no data service on our phones, we found ourselves stopping at the information shops a good deal. It was funny how the people there always led with French, but were quick to speak English when we were confused.

A sugar shack! These are really unique to Quebec and pretty weird cultural centers. A sugar shack is a restaurant next to a maple syrup farm. They serve all sorts of food and encourage you to cover it all in maple syrup.

There is also music, dancing, and spoon playing. We really stood out when we strolled in… some serious Quebecois were in there, fresh off a tour bus.

You can see some of the crowd that was interested in us, and getting their line-dancing on. These people were sort of like French cowboys if you can imagine that!

Mmmm… maple syrup on meat pie.

Line dancing…

Then they brought the dumb Americans up front to play the spoons badly.

Audrey eating up a “maple syrup taffy”. They pour syrup on a bunch of ice (snow during winter) and you pick it up with a popsicle stick.

Stephan didn’t speak much English, but he did know how to say the taffy was his secret for his belly! Also, thumbs up is universal.

I’ll post more pics over the coming days… they are on auto-pilot :)

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